Sugar Addiction

Is Food Addiction your Fork in the Road?

 My lovely colleague and friend, Dr Jen Unwin, recently published a very personal and insightful story of her own journey to recognising and dealing with her food addiction in Fork in the Road. It is an easy read with valuable comments and experience from some of the worlds experts in the area of food addiction,…

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Another Great Book!

 Another ‘must read’! Dr Eric Westman, to whom I owe a lot of gratitude for introducing me to the international community resolving metabolic disease, some 8 years ago, has recently published a new book, Carb Confusion. The title is actually the opposite of what it contains. It is a simple and highly readable insight into…

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Sugar – The Gateway to Addiction!

I googled the words ‘Food Addiction’ today and got 174,000,000 hits. ‘Sugar Addiction’ gives 65,100,000 results. These two little video clips help us to appreciate why there is a growing demand for help with these challenges, despite the fact that neither of them are formally recognised yet as a disease. Eric Clapton reminds us how…

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