My promise is to work with you to find what works for you.

My goal is to help build the new habits that will increase your enjoyment of food, in a healthy way, for the long term, and minimise the risk of illnesses, weight and brain issues related to nutrition.

What works best for you? A course, a one-on-one session or even a wellbeing break, away from it all? Challenge me to give you what works for you or what will help you, your children or your whole family.


Tailored to suit your needs; individually, with your partner or as a family.

Regardless of whether you would like a one-on-one individual consultation or prefer a meeting together with your partner, friend(s) or family, we will make a timetable that suits your agenda and your purse. To download a price list, follow this link: PRICE LIST 2020

Please contact me for an appointment or for further information.


I run regular courses, in Crawley & Crawley Down, both for the voluntary sector and privately, and via Skype.

Tailored to the needs and interests of each group, I cover subjects from the basics of nutrition, food preparation and weight management, to complex subjects of food intolerances, addictions and metabolic disorders, such as diabetes type 2.

Please READ MORE HERE, or contact me to discuss your needs or to register for one of the courses.

Workshops (2hrs)

My consultations are designed to be affordable, so we will discuss pricing options up front to tailor a programme that works for you financially.

Contact me to book an appointment or for further information.

We will agree a timetable of sessions that can be a flexible. Contact me for information or to book an appointment.


Involving our friends and families often adds many benefits, even when it comes to weight management.