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ccompany employees

Is it valuable to your company that employees are healthy?

Is it possible that you lose efficiency, focus and energetic creativity within your organization because employees are distracted by challenges associated with being overweight or not getting sufficient balance of nutrients to maintain a healthy functioning brain and body?

Would your company employees benefit from and value the opportunity to get nutrition advice to help with any of the following:

– higher energy levels

– weight management

– control of any sugar addictions

enjoyment of healthier foods

– sorting out the fact from the fictional advertising for healthy eating

If so – speak to me about designing a programme that would add value to your organization. Examples include:

company focused wellbeing day?

– lunchtime or after-work drop in sessions for personal nutrition and weight management advice

– intra-company chat facility to allow (anonymous) chats on nutrition weight management concerns

– workshops or courses to build awareness of healthy eating for increased energy levels and general health