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Whether you have tried numerous diets, are frustrated with the conflicting and changing information about what is healthy and what is not, or you simply feel you don’t have the time or energy to research and analyse what changes you could make to your diet that would have lasting positive effects on your weight control, energy levels and health – speak to me.

Let me work with your personal likes and dislikes, the demands on your time, your cost consciousness and any other issues that are important to you when deciding what to eat and when. Let me help you plan meals and snacks to enjoy and to help you build new, healthy favourites to crave, instead of the ones that ultimately make you fat, unhealthy or simply drain your energy or destroy your moods.

Your first consultation is FREE OF CHARGE.

Let’s discuss your challenges and I will offer you my analysis and solutions. Work with me and we will identify how best I can help you achieve:
– higher energy levels
– control of your weight
– control of any sugar addictions
– enjoyment of healthier foods
– sorting out the fact from the fictional advertising for healthy eating
– meal planning, food storage, quick healthy cooking tips etc

“It has opened my eyes to think and control the way I have improved my eating habits” – John