Toilet Training for Adults….

In her recent best seller, Gut (see earlier blogs), Giulia Enders describes how the modern western toilet has given us diverticulitis and haemorrhoids…… She doesn’t exactly put it like that but she provides us with the statistical research to back her claim that populations that still squat “to do their thing” have fewer occurrences of…

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Could we all be healthier without Gluten?

That is what Dr David Perlmutter, a board-certified neurologist, and other medically trained nutritional experts and scientists are suggesting in increasingly convincing publications. In his best selling book Grain Brain, Dr Perlmutter argues ¬†that gluten, the protein found mainly in wheat, rye and barley, is silently wreaking havoc on our brains, whilst our avoidance of…

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The ‘MUST-BUY’ book…..

For those you care about and whose health is important to you! Giulia Enders writes effortlessly and amusingly about such an important part of our anatomy! BUY and READ her valuable book GUT, to gain insights into some fascinating facts, research and, as yet, still unknown aspects of how your body works (and why it…

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