The food you eat impacts your health directly…….but what works for YOU?

I quote Dr Martin Scurr in today’s MailOnline:
We are on the edge of a breakthrough on knowing how the food we eat might change the treatment of disease — and significantly, what foods can be used to change the microbiome, which has the capacity, so we believe, to do the curative work for us. With that comes the possibility that one day we might use food, not drugs, as medicine.
Until then, we cannot dismiss the benefits of the dietary approaches described on these pages. I quote Hippocrates: ‘Let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine’. But take good advice before you jump, and never rely on the words of enthusiastic amateurs. And don’t give up the pills, at least not without your doctor’s say so.
Ultimately however, the message must be to focus on prevention, start with children — so many illnesses can be avoided in the first place through correct eating.”

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