Chronically tired and struggling with weight issues? How healthy and happy is your Thyroid?

Our bodies are complicated machines without sufficiently detailed user instructions to ensure that we, or our medical practitioners, can always keep us in tip top form. Having trained originally as an engineer and spent many years in business before studying nutrition, I consider this a bit of design fault and a failure on the part of the production and quality control departments. As a result of such lacking ‘user manuals’, and no ‘troubleshooting section’, when things go wrong with our bodies and minds, it is often a trial and error process to determine the cause of the problem and find the solutions.

In their efforts to develop up-to-date user manuals and establish new cures for ‘malfunctions’ and diseases that seem to be on the increase in our society, scientists and medical professionals are finding that some of the ‘solutions’ that have been used as treatments are often dealing only with the symptoms and not the root causes of the problems.
Thyroid disorders are one of those potentially serious malfunctions that can happen over time, or suddenly, causing a host of issues including, but not limited to, weight gain or sudden weight loss, extreme tiredness, depression symptoms, hair-loss, IBS (Irritable bowel symptoms) and other problems. But is it the thyroid that is causing the problem or is it just providing us with the symptoms of another actual root cause; namely that our immune system has gone wrong for some reason?
If this interests you, take a look at this informal conversation between cancer survivor Chris Wark and Dr Izabella Wentz, focusing on Hashimoto’s Disease and possible natural cures of this increasingly common Thyroid dysfunction.

This is a long interview, approx 1hr, but within 20 minutes, you will know if this is something for you.

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