What’s with Wheat?

picture of banner advertising documentary What's with WheatAre you are a bread and cake lover? Or do you suffer from Coeliac disease or non-Coeliac gluten sensitivity and therefore avoid wheat, barley and rye products? Do you suffer from stomach ache or bloating after eating bread, pasta or other wheat products? Or do you not relate to any of those, but would like to be informed about the latest thinking from those not benefitting financially from the wheat industry?

Recent research from the Department of Medicine at the University of Colombia, published in the journal Gut, confirm that individuals who appear to have gluten sensitivities but are diagnosed not to have coeliac disease, experience an auto immune reaction to wheat with a disruptive effect on their gut lining. This is further evidence of the concern that non-coeliac gluten disorders are on the increase in our society in line with our increased consumption of processed products containing gluten, such as breads, cakes, pastas and many other products. For further details of this research, please click here.

The documentary “Whats with Wheat” has also recently been published, raising serious questions about why wheat is such a dominant ingredient in our current food. In a well presented and thought provoking manner, Cyndi O’Meara of Changing Habits, and several research scientists and medical professionals, question whether wheat is one of the likely causes of the explosion of many auto immune diseases in society. Here is the trailer for this documentary.

If you are interested, have any questions or if you would like to view this documentary, contact me for further information about screening options.