Going Nuts!

Picture of bowl of nutsNut cereal as a substitute for a grain cereal, is a most satisfying and easy breakfast and, with all those healthy fats, it keeps you full for ages.
Take a hand full of each of your favourite raw and unsalted nuts. Blitz them to a crunchy mix together with a dessertspoon or more of crushed linseeds (flax seeds), but not so fine that it becomes powdery. I find that I need to do the flax seeds separately in my blender to split them whilst avoiding that the nuts become ‘over processed’ and powdery. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon or your favourite sweet spice mix and a dessert spoon of desiccated or flaked coconut and mix well to combine. Keeps in the fridge, in an airtight container for several days, if you make a larger portion to save time and effort.

A newer twist to add more fats and make this breakfast more filling, is to add melted coconut oil. Stir till well mixed and let it set in the fridge, before breaking it up with a spoon and storing in an airtight container.

Picture of bowl with crushed nuts, yoghurt and berriesServe with plain yoghurt or kefir and add a teaspoon of re-hydrated cranberries (soaked over night in hot water to remove excess sugar and seed oil – water discarded before using the rehydrated berries) and fresh blueberries or other berries of the season.

Then take your time to enjoy the crunch and the flavours, and the goodness you are giving your mind and body before starting your day! Chew it well to make use of the enzymes you get for free in your mouth and to start your digestion process.

Do let me know what you think and, if you come up with your own variety of this nutritious breakfast, – please share it with me.