“SUGAR makes you HUNGRY, Carbohydrate makes you FAT……” a convincing hypothesis.

In this clear and well explained video, Dr Gary Fettke helps us see the link between eating sugar, refined carbs like bread and pasta (which ultimately turn into sugar) and polyunsaturated oils (mainly seed oils), and inflammation and serious disease…….

There is currently no actual un-refutable proof that consuming these three is the cause of the major ‘modern’ diseases in humans, such as various cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes Type 2 and neurological disorders, but the anecdotal evidence and number of studies pointing in this same direction are increasing day by day.

Do we now wait for the politicians and health professionals who are still following guidelines based on research from decades ago, or do we start listening to the newer research and take charge of our own health?

And – to my way of thinking…… Do we use logic and common sense in discarding what are processed and thereby not naturally occurring foods, or do we just keep eating them and making ourselves fat and ill, hoping that we can spend more and more of our tax money on a health service and pharmaceutical research that will give us the pills to solve the health problems we are likely to experience because of what we eat and drink?

As Dr Gary Fettke puts it………..this is a decision for YOU and ME……. We don’t have to follow the rest over the cliff edge and keep killing ourselves slowly by eating over-processed and unnaturally large quantities of sweet foods…..

Have a look at this video if you have 35 minutes to spend on your health at any time soon, and please contact me if you want to discuss it or if I can help in any way to explain any of the concepts and terminology he refers to. A call or an email to me will not cost you much. I would love to help.