NUTRITION – Just about weight loss or …..

……. also a means of enhancing your exercise and sports performance?

Picture of woman in training gear looking exhausted

Exhausted or demotivated before you start?

Do you ever feel tired before you start your exercise or training programme for the day? Have you experienced ‘heavy legs’ or the feeling that you are just not improving either with your weight loss ambitions or your exercise programme to increase your fitness and strength?

If so – it is probably worth looking at how to enhance your fuelling (or re-fuelling) programme. By looking at your nutritional status, it is possible to identify whether there is anything in your training or weight loss programme that could be improved in terms of what and when you eat to give you the energy and endurance to exercise with more pleasure. 
But, before we do that, let’s look at the basics of nutrition for exercise or sports performance as well as weight management.
In a series of 6 articles I will discuss nutrition and the theory behind getting what you need from what you eat and drink, to enhance your exercise goals or sports performance and to maintain or improve your health, weight, strength and wellbeing.
In the first article, I will outline the basic starting points and provide an overview of what will be covered in subsequent articles. To read the whole series of articles, please follow their publication on this blog.


If, in the meantime, you would like to discuss your specific challenges or experiences with me, please contact me.