Moments for Seniors…..

….to avoid or minimise the so-called “Senior Moments” and increase health and longevity as we age.

It is not just young people that care about their health and well being. In fact, my experience in the Crawley area, where I do most of my nutrition consulting, is that if anything, mature adults and senior citizens have more time to be concerned about, and determination to take control of, their health issues, than younger people whose lives are full to overflowing with other priorities. As we age, we also lose the sense of invincibility that many have when they are younger and sadly, and perhaps inevitably, we see more illness and suffering around us.

If you can relate to any of this, I recommend you set aside just under an hour and a half to take a look at this lecture. Or, if that takes too long – why not split it in two and watch it with friends, so you can discuss it amongst yourselves during your chosen ‘interval’.

This well presented lecture, by Professor Vicky Newman from the University of California, San Diego Cancer Centre, focuses on nutritional considerations as we age and getting the right balance of foods to maximise health and energy levels. She discusses how to avoid putting on weight and reviews foods to avoid with the purpose of minimising diseases caused by inflammation. These are the many illnesses spanning metabolic disorders, autoimmune diseases, heart disease and cancers, that more and more scientific evidence suggests are associated with the modern western diet, involving processed and ‘unnatural’ foods. She also looks at vitamins and minerals, focusing on those that have been shown to guard against inflammation and to maintain bone strength and mental agility.

I hope you enjoy it. And do let me have your thoughts, questions or feedback, by clicking here.

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