Healthy Doable Desirable Food (HDD) Course

Healthy Doable Desirable Food (HDD) Course

This course is designed for health-conscious adults and parents with hectic lifestyles. The course is hands-on and practical, focusing on time-limited application of the basics of nutrition and how to put nutritious, desirable looking food on the table with minimum time and effort spent.

As such, the aim is to provide practical guidance on how to produce healthy, varied and nutritionally balanced meals and snacks in super-quick time. In parallel, the course provides the opportunity to build knowledge of how the body digests and utilises different nutrients in order to:

– maintain health and physical and mental wellbeing

– avoid disease

– combat sugar addictions

– build healthy habits and cravings for healthy foods

The subject of nutrition and healthy eating is dealt with from the perspective of how to eradicate unhealthy eating habits and addictions by optimising the use of ‘good’ favourite foods and introducing new tastes and textures. Both the participants own likes and dislikes are taken into consideration as well as those of their wider family and / or partner.

picture of students displaying their homework of nutritious mealsTo ensure it is practical and applicable to all course participants, the starting point is: what should we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and as a highly interactive course, participants are encouraged to bring all healthy eating challenges to the table for creative solutions.

Allergies and intolerances, likes and dislikes, fussy eaters, table tantrums, cultural restrictions and weight problems are all on the agenda, and more.

Courses are for a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 people per course, and cost £59 per person for the 6 week course. Timing is flexible.


To sign up, simply complete the contact form or call Heidi on 07707 840082