HDD Nutrition Class – Homework becomes fun!

picture of students displaying their homework of nutritious mealsNo hard studying or difficult things to remember! If you participate in the Healthy Doable and Desirable Food course at Huntsland Nutrition (HDD), your task is to try new nutritious foods based on what we discuss in our nutrition sessions.

Starting with the theme of the day, you choose what type of  dish or food you fancy, that is appropriate for you or your family, and I provide the recipe and nutritional details – Trying to make it ‘doable’ in super-quick time.

It is not only health inducing, but fun and delicious too! Or so it would appear from the group of students that delivered this week’s homework and got top marks for bringing the whole dish to the lesson, so we could enjoy it all together.
Well done Leyla, Gill, Mel and Jo. You are all teacher’s pet this week!

To book on a course, simply contact Heidi.

Recipes in the picture will all be published over the next weeks: Starting from left (1)Baked Aubergine with Nutty Pesto, (2)Beetroot, Roasted Garlic & Quinoa Salad, (3)Quinoa with Cashews and Sesame (4)Caramelised Pear and Lentil Salad