consultations imageRegardless of whether you would like a one-on-one individual consultation or prefer a meeting together with your partner, friend or family, I will make a timetable that suits your agenda and your purse.

Your first consultation is FREE of CHARGE, so please contact me for an appointment or for further information. To download a price list, see below.

For information about courses for groups, click here.

Individual or Couples Consultations can involve:

– Food diary analysis, to help you understand how changes could improve your overall health, concentration and energy levels
– Meal and snack planning to displace unhealthy habits and build new likes
– Discussion about subjects of specific interest within nutrition for weight management, sports and exercise

One-to-one Personal Nutrition Focus: These sessions can be conducted in person or via Skype and can be for individuals or couples with the same interests or needs. I offer practical nutritional guidance in dealing with weight management, pre-diabetes or diabetes type 2 or other metabolic disorders or nutrition concerns.

Nutrition for Sports & Exercise: Consultations to help exercisers or amateur sports people optimise their performance through good nutrition. I offer advice on the merits of both ketogenic (fat) & carbohydrate fuelling strategies. See also this blog. for further the first of a set of articles about nutrition for sports and exercise. Or contact me to discuss your questions.

Why not involve the whole family? Our children learn about nutrition at school; Let’s involve them in the choices we make about food and solutions to health and weight concerns.

Family consultations usually involve:

– working with objections, likes and dislikes of all family members
– considering affordability of food choices and time constraints
– meal and snack planning, including hints and tricks to remove addictions and make healthy choices more natural

See also HDD course (Healthy Doable Desirable food) – designed for health conscious parents and adults – nutritious food planning in super-quick time with minimal fuss.

Prices: Regular individual consultations, in person or via Skype, cost from £15 per 45 minute session. A new price list is coming soon.

For further information, either call me, Heidi, on 07707 840082 or write to me here