“SUGAR makes you HUNGRY, Carbohydrate makes you FAT……” a convincing hypothesis.

In this clear and well explained video, Dr Gary Fettke helps us see the link between eating sugar, refined carbs like bread and pasta (which ultimately turn into sugar) and polyunsaturated oils (mainly seed oils), and inflammation and serious disease……. There is currently no actual un-refutable proof that consuming these three is the cause of…

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Article 2 of 6: Energy – A basic requirement from food…..

……. especially as it affects sports performance. The body can source its energy requirements from carbohydrates, fats and to a lesser degree, but still importantly, proteins. Proteins can, as with complex carbohydrates, be converted to glucose, which is one of the simplest forms of carbohydrates, also know as simple sugars. These are then, in turn,…

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